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Pets are allowed within the following Guest Houses:

Boone House
Givens House
Logan Cottage
Shelby Cottage
Whitley Cottage
No pets are allowed within The Rooms at St. Asaph or The Loft.

There will be a $75 charge for the first pet and $25 for the second pet.
No more than 2 pets will be allowed.
Pets are limited to 50lbs or less.
Other pet requirements include:

Pets must be fully trained, appropriately restrained, and never left unattended.
Pets must be kept on a leash anytime outside of the guest houses or cottage.
Guests are responsible for cleaning up after pets in rooms or on hotel property.
Disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
Guests are responsible for all property damages and personal injuries resulting from their pets.