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Cerulean was created to better serve the catering needs of the many corporate and private events that occur in Stanford, Kentucky. Our goal is to provide our customers with fine dining and event services that exceed their expectations.

Cerulean is a part of Wilderness Road Hospitality, a group of like-minded entities serving the Stanford area with unique dining, shopping, and lodging experiences.

Much like the restaurants we share a street with, we value natural, locally-sourced foods. Our goal is to serve you great food that’s also great for your body and our planet. It’s a difference you can taste in every dish we prepare.



decorative framing graphic

Our venue is a beautiful combination of historic bones and modern touches. The high ceiling and natural lighting give the space a heavenly glow during the day, while subtle, adjustable lighting creates ambiance at any hour.

A visual signature is the tall, hand-crafted wooden door that greets you as you enter. Once inside you will see modern art and charming furniture that artfully combines casual and refined lines.

The seating is modular and can be adjusted to fit many configurations to suit your individual needs. A large flat screen is conveniently mounted at the back of the room for presentations and other digital media.