Kentucky Soaps & Such
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The story of Kentucky Soaps & Such begins in 2003 with the store’s owner, Angela Correll, and her backyard pasture full of pet goats. Though Angela was content to let the goats live a life of leisure on her Stanford farm, her husband Jess, a businessman and part-time farmer, wanted the animals to produce something of value or retire elsewhere. Unwilling to part with them, Angela began to research goats and discovered a host of benefits their nutrient-rich milk could offer. She decided to make soap as a way for her pets to earn their keep, and in 2003, Angela’s niece, Lea Ann, made the first successful batch. That day, the Plainview Farm product line, named after Jess and Angela’s farm, was born.

After handing out samples to the family for testing, Angela and her team began to sell the soap from her office just off Main Street in Stanford. In 2006, the Kentucky Soaps & Such storefront was opened to accommodate ever-increasing sales. Creams and other spa products were added to the Plainview Farm line and the store began selling Kentucky-made artisan foods and handcrafted pottery and jewelry. In 2010, the store was expanded and the equipment upgraded to allow large batch production, while still using the original handcrafted recipe.

Today, you can visit our store and see where the products are made in our factory basement. Just ask for a tour when you visit. For group tours, please reserve your free tour in advance by calling 606-365-0808.



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Goat milk is remarkably beneficial in soaps and creams because:

  • It has a pH level similar to human skin, protecting from daily bacterial and chemical invasions.
  • The protein strands in fresh goat’s milk are shorter and therefore more easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Fresh goat’s milk is also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains proteins that kill acne-causing bacteria.
  • It contains alpha-hydroxyl acids that naturally exfoliate the skin.
  • It moisturizes and reduces itchiness, which is valuable in treating eczema or severely dry skin.