Get Away and Experience It All

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Visiting us in Stanford, Kentucky allows you the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures that only a small town can offer, without having to sacrifice the amenities of larger urban areas.

Relax on the front porch of one of our historic guest houses and watch the leaves gently spiral to the ground below. Experience a meal from the world-class culinary team at Bluebird or shop for unique artisan products at Kentucky Soaps and Such. Refresh your body and mind by scheduling a “spa day” experience at Esther’s Wellhouse.

It all starts by booking a stay in our guest houses or rooms.



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Our petite rooms at the historic St. Asaph Hotel are preserved in the same layout as they were in 1925.

Whitley Cottage in the fall


Each unique guest house has been restored to honor the beauty of the past, while providing the best in modern comforts.

Cerulean dining area


We offer both intimate and more spacious settings to meet the needs of your event.


News & Events

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Explore Bourbon & Wine near The Stanford Inn Planning entertainment for group retreats can often be stressful if you are not familiar with an area. At The Stanford Inn, we try to provide as many options for our guests as possible, whether it's right here in Stanford or in [...]... Read more
Yoder helps bring garden-fresh ingredients to the table Matthew Yoder is eager to start his day bright and early every morning because he gets to do something he loves—working outdoors in the garden. The Bluebird, in Stanford, has two garden plots and a greenhouse full of ingredients the [...]... Read more
Celebrate the Opening of the Hart House with Us! The Stanford Inn at Wilderness Road announces the grand opening of their newest historic renovation, a guest house available for nightly rental, which is located only two blocks from Main Street in the heart [...]... Read more



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My husband and I loved our visit. It was top notch! We love the town so much we wanna move there soon! Very classy.
Diana Perry

Thank you for the privilege of staying at The Inn. Our reservations were completed at the last minute, and yet you were flexible in meeting our needs. Our group was impressed by how the integrity of the older architecture and structure were maintained, even with the thoroughly modern renovation efforts needed to make it into a commercial business.

Allan Sterbinsky, Stanton, TN Mayor
We had a wonderful time staying in Stanford. Your home is awesome. I love the old woodwork and big baseboards. Thanks for a great stay!
Debbie, Gibson, Indiana
A wonderful hotel! Great one-night stay and did not want to leave the next day. We’ve already planned another stay. I could not say enough good things about the accommodations!
Alan Moberly

Thank you for allowing us to step back in time, slow down, and experience the hometown charm of Stanford. This is a magical town and we will be back.

Ted and Tamara

Beautiful. Peaceful. Great small town and wonderful, comfortable lodging. Like stepping back to a time when people still said hello while passing on the streets.

Google Review
We’ve been here several times. Everything is always perfection. Which is the Stanford way. Thank you!
Frank and June Mason


Developing Peace and Human Flourishing in Stanford

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A few years ago, we hosted a summit in Stanford with the leaders of several American charitable organizations to discuss common goals. While there, one man gave us words to express what we were trying to do in our headquarters town: “Stanford has Shalom and Human Flourishing like I’ve only seen in one other place in the world.”

Shalom is the Hebrew word for Peace. Human flourishing means positive emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social functioning. He paid us a rich compliment and gave us words to explain why we were renovating old structures and bringing hospitality businesses back into town.