The Bluebird
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In 2012, Chef William B. Hawkins returned to his Southern roots and partnered with Marksbury Farm Market and Jess and Angela Correll to open Central Kentucky’s premier farm-to-table restaurant — Bluebird Cafe.

Prior to leading Bluebird, Chef Hawkins amassed a long list of career highlights, including tenures as executive chef to Elvis Presley Enterprises and nationally-ranked golf resort Victoria National Golf Club. He has appeared on the Food Network with Bobby Flay, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and numerous Kentucky television stations.

Chef Hawkins developed his passion for natural foods while serving at Victoria National. A sudden and steep decline in his health led to a diagnosis of Crohn’s syndrome. He began to test treatment options and saw remarkable improvement as he limited himself to natural foods and eliminated harmful chemicals from his diet. The realization that his quality of life was under attack by the industrialized ingredients he used every day was powerful and moved him to action.

Around the same time, Jess and Angela Correll were searching for an executive chef for their new restaurant, set to have an emphasis on local foods, and feature naturally-processed meat from nearby Marksbury Farm. Upon meeting, it was clear to Chef Hawkins and the Corrells that their values were aligned. From their partnership and commitment to the same vision, a Bluebird was born.



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At Bluebird, we take great pride in being a restaurant where fresh comes first. We make our own desserts and dressings, cut our own homegrown vegetables, and hand pat every burger. Food made from scratch with high-quality ingredients is our top priority.

We are strong believers in the ethical treatment of animals and advocates for sustainable farming practices. We have partnered with Marksbury Farm and other local farmers in order to bring you the freshest and highest quality meats and vegetables available.

We stand behind our commitment to our customers and pledge that you will not only know right where your meal came from, but you will also feel good about eating it.